Hello! Welcome to Licked by Ray Ray and my name is Raymond otherwise known as Ray Ray and Iā€™m the self-taught home baker behind the Instagram account Rymondtn.

Food has always been my greatest passion and whilst completing my Master Degree in Accounting (which wasn't of my interest), I started baking as a creative outlet posting my work on Instagram.

Having graduated in 2016, what budded as a small passion of mine have now over time developed into a full time profession, working with brands both locally and globally. Rymondtn specialises in celebration cakes and desserts, experiential dessert design, events, product launches and styling.

In the past year, I have travelled to cities like New York, London, Paris, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok, Jakarta and Seoul for demonstrations, workshops, and collaborative work. My dessert style, sense of aesthetics, publicity collaboration and signature baking and decorating techniques have proven to be valuable to many brands, and popular interests of many home bakers and chefs.

My work can be seen featured on digital and publications such as CNN Indonesia, Vogue (Australia, Korea, and India), Cosmopolitan (Australia, UK and Germany), Nine Australia, Feminin France, Design Milk, Buzzfeed, Beautiful Cuisine, Hufftington Post and many more.